Finale du tournoi Mondiale 2007 (Manchester)
Final of the World Tournament 2007 in Manchester

Vainqueur / Winner : FC Barcelona

Equipes participantes et classement
 Participating teams and ranking

2007 - Manchester (Angleterre)

FC Barcelone

Sao Paulo (BRE)

Krylia Sovetov (RUS)

Hertha Berlin (DE)

FC Basel

Austria Vienen

Atlas FC (Mexico)

Manchester United

AS Roma

Orland Pirates (South Africa)

Everton FC

Colo Colo (Chile)

Real So California 

Shandont Lummeng (China)

Chunam Dragons (Korea)

Camba Osaka (Japon)

Central United (New Zealand)

East Bengal (India)

Assumption College (Thailand)

Bukit Jalil (Malaysia)

1.  FC Barcelona (Spain)
2.  Sao Paulo (Bresil)
3.  Krylia Sovetov (Russia)
4.  Hertha Berlin (Germany)
5.  FC Basel (Suisse)
6.  Austria Vienne (Austria)
7.  Atlas FC (Mexique)
8.  Manchester United (England)
9.  AS Roma (Italie)
10.Orlando Pirages (Afrique du Sud)
11. Everton FC (England)
12. Colo Colo (Chile)
13. Real So cal (USA)
14. Shandong Lummeng (China)
15. Chunnam Dragons (Korea)
16. Gamba Osaka (Japon)
17. Central United (New Zealand)
18. East Bengal (India)
19. Assumption College (Thailand)
20. Bukit Jalil (Malaysia)


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 Results /  Resultats

2007 European final

[May 18-20 in Lisse (Netherlands)]

Group A
Krylia Sovetov-Sok 0-0 Sparta Rotterdam
Krylia Sovetov-Sok 2-0 MTK Hungaria
Krylia Sovetov-Sok 2-1 HNK Sibenik
Sparta Rotterdam 0-0 MTK Hungaria
Sparta Rotterdam 2-0 HNK Sibenik
MTK Hungaria 1-0 HNK Sibenik

Group B
Besiktas JK 1-0 FC Utrecht
Besiktas JK 2-1 Beitar Yerushalaim
Besiktas JK 1-0 Rigas Futbola Skola
FC Utrecht 2-1 Beitar Yerushalaim
FC Utrecht 6-1 Rigas Futbola Skola
Beitar Yerushalaim 2-0 Rigas Futbola Skola
Group C
Austria Wien 5-0 KV Mechelen
Austria Wien 1-0 FC Maribor
Austria Wien 2-0 HJK Helsinki
KV Mechelen 0-0 FC Maribor
KV Mechelen 1-1 HJK Helsinki
FC Maribor 1-0 HJK Helsinki

Group D
SK Slavia Praha 0-0 FC Nitra
SK Slavia Praha 0-0 Boavista
SK Slavia Praha 1-0 IF Brommapojkarna
FC Nitra 1-2 Boavista
FC Nitra 1-0 IF Brommapojkarna
Boavista 1-2 IF Brommapojkarna
Group E
FC Basel 1-0 Odense BK
FC Basel 0-0 UKS SMS Lodz
FC Basel 1-0 Valerenga
Odense BK 3-1 UKS SMS Lodz
Odense BK 4-0 Valerenga
UKS SMS Lodz  3-0 Valerenga

1/4 finals places 9-16
UKS SMS Lodz  2-0 FC Maribor
IF Brommapojkarna 2-1 KV Mechelen
FC Nitra 1-0 Boavista
Beitar Yerushalaim 1-0 MTK Hungaria

1/2 finals places 13-16          
FC Maribor 1-0 KV Mechelen 
MTK Hungaria FC 0-0 Boavista [Hungaria on pen]

1/2 finals places 9-12
FC Nitra 3-0 Beitar Yerushalaim
IF Brommapojkarna 2-0 UKS SMS Lodz

1/4 finals places 1-8
Besiktas JK  2-0 FC Utrecht
Krylia Sovetov-Sok 5-0 Sparta Rotterdam
Austria Wien 1-1 Odense BK [3-1 pen]
FC Basel 2-0 SK Slavia Praha

1/2 finals places 5-8
FC Utrecht  2-1 Sparta Rotterdam  
Odense BK  4-2 SK Slavia Praha

1/2 finals places 1-4
Krylia Sovetov-Sok 0-0 Besiktas JK [Krylia on pen]
Austria Wien  0-0 FC Basel [Austria on pen]

Places 17-20

HNK Sibenik 2-0 HJK Helsinki
Rigas Futbola Skola 2-1 Valerenga
HJK Helsinki  1-0 Rigas Futbola Skola
Valerenga 1-0 HNK Sibenik
HJK Helsinki  2-2 Valerenga 
HNK Sibenik  1-1 Rigas Futbola Skola

15th place match
Boavista 3-1 KV Mechelen

13th place match
FC Maribor  1-1 MTK Hungaria FC

11th place match
UKS SMS Lodz  1-0 Beitar Yerushalaim

9th place match
IF Brommapojkarna 2-1 FC Nitra

Seventh place match
Slavia Praha 3-2 Sparta Rotterdam

Fifth place match
FC Utrecht  2-1 Odense BK

Third place match
FC Basel FF  Besiktas JK [Forfeit; awd 2-0]

Austria Wien 0-0 Krylia Sovetov-Sok [5-4 pen]

2007 North American Finals :

25 to 28.05.2007 in Nike WHQ


Valley United 2-1 Crossfire United
FC Delco 1-0 Real So Cal [on pen]

Third place match
Crossfire United 2-0 Real So Cal

Valley United 2-0 FC Delco


Slammers FC 2-1 Windy City Pride
Real So Cal 2-0 Sereno SC

Third place match
Sereno SC 1-0 Windy City Pride [on pen]

Slammers FC 1-0 Real So Cal [on pen]

South-East Asia Qualifications :

02.06.2007 in Singapore

Assumption College 1-0 East Bengal FC (India)

Nike World Club Cup U-14 2007

Qualified for the "Manchester United Premier Cup" (World final)

Host Manchester United (England)

USA Real So Cal (California, USA)
[Valley United Blast Boys 91 are part of the Real So Cal Family]

BSC Hertha Berlin (Germany)
AS Roma (Italy)
Everton FC (England)
FC Barcelona (Spain)

Europa qualifications
Austria Wien (Austria)
FC Basel (Switzerland)
Krylia Sovetov SOK (Russia)

Latin America
São Paulo FC (Brazil)
Atlas FC (Mexico)
Colo Colo (Chile)

Gamba Osaka (Japan)
Chunnam Dragons FC (South Korea)
Shandong Lunneng FC (China)
Bukit Jalil Sports School (Malaysia)

South-East Asia qualifications
Assumption College Thunburi (Thailand)
East Bengal FC (India)

Australia/New Zealand qualifications
Central United (New Zealand)

Orlando Pirates (South Africa)

Aug 4-8, 2007 in Manchester

São Paulo FC 2-0 FC Basel
São Paulo FC 2-0 Everton FC
São Paulo FC 3-1 Chunnam Dragons
São Paulo FC 4-1 Central United
FC Basel 2-0 Everton FC
FC Basel 1-0 Chunnam Dragons
FC Basel 1-0 Central United
Everton FC 0-0 Chunnam Dragons [on pen for the 3rd place]
Everton FC 5-2 Central United
Chunnam Dragons 4-2 Central United

Krylia Sovetov 0-0 Atlas FC
Krylia Sovetov 5-0 Orlando Pirates
Krylia Sovetov 3-0 Real So Cal
Krylia Sovetov 2-0 Assumption College
Atlas FC 1-0 Orlando Pirates
Atlas FC 1-0 Real So Cal
Atlas FC 1-0 Assumption College
Orlando Pirates 2-1 Real So Cal
Orlando Pirates 4-1 Assumption College
Real So Cal 2-0 Assumption College

Austria Wien 1-0 Manchester United
Austria Wien 0-1 AS Roma
Austria Wien 4-0 Shandong Lunneng
Austria Wien 2-0 East Bengal
Manchester United 1-0 AS Roma
Manchester United 1-0 Shandong Lunneng
Manchester United 5-0 East Bengal
AS Roma  1-0 Shandong Lunneng
AS Roma  2-0 East Bengal
Shandong Lunneng 3-0 East Bengal

FC Barcelona 1-0 Hertha Berlin
FC Barcelona 3-0 Colo Colo
FC Barcelona 4-0 Gamba Osaka
FC Barcelona 7-0 Bukit Jalil
Hertha Berlin 3-0 Colo Colo
Hertha Berlin 6-1 Gamba Osaka
Hertha Berlin 4-0 Bukit Jalil
Colo Colo 3-0 Gamba Osaka
Colo Colo 4-1 Bukit Jalil
Gamba Osaka 0-0 Bukit Jalil

1/4 finals places 1-8
São Paulo FC 1-0 Atlas FC
Krylia Sovetov 2-0 FC Basel
Austria Wien 0-1 Hertha Berlin
FC Barcelona 1-0 Manchester United

1/2 finals places 1-4
São Paulo FC 1-0 Hertha Berlin
FC Barcelona 5-4 Krylia Sovetov [on pen]

1/2 finals places 5-8
FC Basel 1-0 Manchester United
Austria Wien 4-3 Atlas FC

1/2 finals places 9-12
Orlando Pirates 7-6 Everton FC [on pen]
AS Roma  2-0 Colo Colo

1/2 finals places 13-16
Real So Cal 2-0 Chunnam Dragons
Shandong Lunneng 1-0 Gamba Osaka

1/2 finals places 17-20
Central United 4-2 Assumption College
East Bengal 3-1 Bukit Jalil

19th place match
Assumption College 3-1 Bukit Jalil

17th place match
Central United 5-3 East Bengal [on pen]

15th place match
Chunnam Dragons 3-1 Gamba Osaka

13th place match
Real So Cal 1-0 Shandong Lunneng

11th place match
Everton FC 2-0 Colo Colo

9th place match
AS Roma  1-0 Orlando Pirates

Seventh place match
Atlas FC 2-1 Manchester United

Fifth place match
FC Basel 3-2 Austria Wien [on pen]

Third place match
Krylia Sovetov 1-0 Hertha Berlin

FC Barcelona 1-0 São Paulo FC


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